Walking in the Light | Introduction | Study Series | Part 1 of 8

Scripture: 1 John 1:5-10

There are three essential points that the Apostle John makes in these verses. One, who is God? Two, how did we come to (know) Him? And three, how this union manifest in our relationship with one another.[1]

The reason perhaps for John to make these points seem to be the people’s increasingly waning faith. And apparently it was creating an opposition to belief and devotion towards the true doctrine. Therefore, in the whole of the (three) epistle(s) we find John exhorting his audience to return to the true doctrine, obedient living, and fervent devotion.[2]

This epistle wasn’t written in a linear format. As mentioned, it is an exhortation. And John seem to repeat these points almost rhetorically.

To the unassuming, the question may erupt – what is the True Doctrine? And that is a good question to ask. Thankfully, this question is answered in the initial three questions I mentioned. John sneakily lays the answers in this fashion: a) the question who is God answers what is true doctrine, b) how we come to Him answers what is obedient living, and c) how God ordains our relationship with one another answers the question of fervent devotion.

Essentially, ‘Walking in the Light’ holds the heart of Christian Integrity. And I absolutely adore how it is through John that we receive these teachings. Because integrity is a low-key struggle, which is criminally underrated. There is no spotlight or applause for the effort that goes in. And John (Praise God!) wonderfully lived and displayed this integrity (through sincere devotion) by being true to the congregation that he was assigned.[3]  No earthly glory or stories (unlike the other Apostles) decorated his life, but only a silent struggle – a silent obedience.  


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