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Peace, Love, & Joy | Complete Index

It has been a matter of great joy for me, to have been able to write and finish this devotional series. I thank and praise God for that. I hope it has been fruitful for people who have read it, as for me, it had been a blessed learning experience. I hope where my words have been inadequate, the Holy Spirit would have granted the needed understanding. I am grateful to all of you who has encouraged me by reading along.

I wish to add here a complete index for the ease of navigation; if in case, me or anyone else wishes to revisit these writings again.


Peace, Love, & Joy | Complete Index | Christmas Special | Devotional Series | 2019

(i) Introduction: What Christ wants this Christmas (ii) December 1: Prepare the Way (iii) December 2: Mary’s Magnificent God (iv) December 3: The Confidence of Redeeming Hope (v) December 4: A Big God for Little People (vi) December 5: What He Willed to do (vii) December 6: Peace to those with whom He is pleased (viii) December 7: Messiah of all (ix) December 8: Christ is Central in Christmas (x) December 9: Two Kinds of Oppositions (xi) December 10: Our Treasure (xii) December 11: Why Jesus came (xiii) December 12: Replacing the Shadows (xiv) December 13: Christ, the Real Thing, the Perfect Priest (xv) December 14: Making Transformation Real (xvi) December 15: Abundant Life (xvii) December 16: An Unlikely Route to Victory (xviii) December 17: Freedom & Joy Secured in Him (xix) December 18: Pass Me Not (xx) December 19: Overcoming the Power of Death (xxi) December 20: Salvation Unites Us (xxii) December 21: LOGOS (xxiii) December 22: The Importance of Awe (xxiv) December 23: Secured from False Preachers (xxv) December 24: Why the Son Appeared (xxvi) December 25: God with us (xxxvii) Conclusion: Persisting in Peace, Love, & Joy

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