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Peace, Love, & Joy | LOGOS | Christmas Special | Devotional Series | Part 22 of 27 | December 21, 2019

Once I naively asked my pastor, what is the difference between me and God? I mean, I am going to live forever after I die. Aren’t I? And so, it is just a matter of heaven and hell. So basically, I am eternal too, just as God. To my then adolescent mind, I held the perfect argument against God. But my pastor dismantled my whole argument in one amusing sentence. He said, “you have a birth date, but God does not”. I laughed. And quickly dismissed myself from his sight.

The Apostle John terms Christ as LOGOS – the definitive principle of life. John writes, “In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (Jn 1:1, NLT) In other words, Jesus was born on earth as a man. And we celebrate his birth every year. So, yes. He has a birthday. But John says, He does not have a birth date. Because, prior to existence itself – He existed. Another thing we celebrate on Christmas is His Kingship. Christ is King. Right? But His Kingship did not come after His resurrection. His Kingship did not come after Christianity was founded. No. Christ was already King. Because He is LOGOS. Therefore, when Pilate confronted Him – Jesus replied, I came so that the world would know its King. (Jn 18:37)

It is amusing, how limited our rationality is. But it is encouraging beyond reason, that Christ our LORD is King in all in all. His Kingship predates us. His sovereignty predates us. And most awesomely, His Kingdom predates us. How fortunate – oh how fortunate we are – that He came to grant us adoption into a family, that is older than the ancient. How blessed are we, that Christ granted us fellowship into a community, that predates the whole of existence? What do we have to worry? What ails you? How dare we, that we let this world steal our joy, when Christ – the Alpha and the Omega – has promised to be with us and never leave us – until we taste the glory of eternal life together with Him. Praise YHWH!   

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